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So how do I get customers.?

Well you can use several methods like:

List Building - Email Advertising - Traffic Exchanges - SEO - Text Advertising - PTP - PTC
PTR - Banner Advertising - Classified Ads and about a million other options!

We're going to concentrating on Traffic Exchanges and these can be a perfect way of getting FREE Advertising to
your promotions with minimum effort now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is the BEST method but simply
one of MAY options you can use to help in your campaign to get more leads!

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Once you begin to use Traffic Exchanges you will realize just how easy it really is! You will see an increase in your website’s activity,
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The idea is simple really...

You login and view other member’s websites and earn credits for each page that you confirm that you have viewed.
Then, you use these credits to exchange for traffic to your website! Submit your website,
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What do you have to offer?

We simply do all the hard work for you and all you have to do is use THIS site as a funnel to promote on thousands of different
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