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What is rebranding..?

A commonly asked question and to be perfectly blunt it's one of the simplest forms of building your
downline on multiple locations with very little effort, lets look at our basic rebrand section and you'll quickly see the benefits

These are just 3 of over 20 various sites that you can join and place your referral links in the rebrand area and once you get
referrals to your account they will join THESE programs under YOUR referral link so in turn you build 20+ memberships at once

startxchange.com - traffic-splash.com - trafficdelivers.com - horrormoviehits.com - trafficbunnies.com
tezaktrafficpower.com - froggyhits.com - ilovehits.com - dragonsurf.biz - trafficwitch.com - legacyhits.com
sweeva.com - easyhits4u.com - vasthits.com - trafficreturn.com - blue-surf.net - froghits.com - trafficswirl.com
freehitxchange.com - hitsboosterpro.com - trck.me - tecommandpost.com - viralmailprofits.com - affiliatefunnel.com

These are some of the TOP RATED traffic exchange genre programs and most offer commissions for referral purchases

Now when members join they are pointed to the rebrand section so once you have filled in your referral ID's you're good to go!

Here's a quick video guide on how simple it is to add your IDs to the the main brand image area.

Available for free accounts also!

We've also added the ability to vote your opinion on each site

Rate the site

And this is a GREAT feature for new members to judge which sites to join first and this will also benefit YOU
as if the sites are rated high they may purchase upgrades and in turn earn you commissions on each location.

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