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Even FREE accounts get text ad advertising..!

It's REALLY simple... You promote your JV Link and at the same time you also promote your OWN text ads on whatever
location you show your referral linked JV Link "This means you can basically get unlimited free text-ad advertising"

A perfect way to get your ads on the internet

All accounts FREE & UPGRADED can add up to 10 of their OWN promotions to their account and these links have a VERY high
conversion rate but more importantly it's GREAT for branding by getting your ads on the internet in as main locations as possible

Here is a quick video to show you what it's all about

As you can see it is extremely simple and this is just ANOTHER amazing feature of te-jv.com and with this
being performance related you simply get as much free advertising as you can promote yourself... WIN, WIN

free text ad advertising

It really is as simple as you adding your links and benefiting from the additional traffic, we will also be adding an area
in the future to give you more exposure on these links and this will also be 100% free but currenly on the unlimtited option
is available within the site.. however these to get a great response alone

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