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Also with the added ability of storing your affiliate links to get rid of those seriously
long referral URLS and you can do this for FREE here and with NO LIMITS to the amount you save!

Lets look at a typical affiliate link: http://www.tecommandpost.com/index.php?referer=thetenetwork&t=16 now this URL
is starting to get a bit TOO large and is relatively short when you compare some of the referral link & affiliate links I have.

So now I'll shrink and save the link using the FREE feature you get by being a member here: http://te-jv.com/url/e7 

As you can see the two link are now COMPLETELY different and the new smaller URL is far easier to manage.

But there is far more to this as you can store ALL your shortened links to your account:

Stored Links

And you can access these simply by logging into you account and going to your storage area and here is a quick video
showing you how EASY it is to save websites into the link shortener area:

Available for free accounts also!

Please remember that this service is 100% free and included with no limits to our FREE & UPGRADED members
and your only obligation you have is to simply login to your account to assign your links to it!

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