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177+ JV traffic exchanges for unique visitors to your website

Improve your overall website analytics by using GEO targeting from traffic exchanges plus use
our link shortener for better conversions to your affiliate links which you can store here for FREE!

Over 582+ daily unique advertising sources

An amazing source for traffic

Free Link Shortener - Store Your Affiliate Links - FREE Text Ads
Rebrandable Options - GEO Targeting - Unique Visitors - 1:1 Contact and so much more.

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Lots of visitors


We generate traffic to our members in several ways but maximize the unique views by advertising
advertising campaigns on over 582 + locations so you will receive a minimum amount of traffic
from ONE individual source which increases your unique visitors percentage


I can write a book about this Traffic Exchange because they add new unique stuff just about every week.
Brian created here the Monsters of all TE's with no equal. Just to make a long story short, I promote to
numerous TE's with just one posting and I get paid commission's at least twice monthly. Jose Camacho Safelistxl.com


multiple advertising targets

Choose from over 25
different countries to
GEO Target your ads
to a specific audience.

over 25 locations

Over 20231 members waiting
to promote YOUR sites on
1000's of locations

Sign up for FREE or take
advantage of one of our
low cost upgrades and see
your website analytics
go through the roof !

Australia - Belgium - Brazil
Bulgaria - Canada - China
Czech Rep - France - Germany
Hungary - India - Indonesia
Italy - Malaysia - Netherlands
Pakistan - Philippines - Poland
Portugal - Romania - Russia
Serbia - Slovakia - UK - US

target niches


You can get GEO targeted traffic to your promotions from over 25 different countries or simply set to the default
setting and receive traffic worldwide with only a few clicks, perfect for both general promotions or country
specific advertising to boost your analytics and generate more leads!

A typical site here receives 40+ hits per day and we have several account types so you can set multiple
advertising campaigns if you require additional amounts of free traffic to your websites


Traffic Return takes traffic very seriously and one of our best traffic sources is TE-JV.com as it adds an influx of
traffic from hundreds of different traffic sites which increases both our reach and our conversions. TE-JV.com
is crucial for all internet marketers whether your a program owner or just starting out!. TrafficReturn.com


Although our main member base is English speaking you can add your alternative language pages by simply
setting that GEO location for example you promote Italian pages to the GEO setting of Italy and
this way your pages will ONLY be seen by people in that area and will have a better click through rate

geo location

If you take out the UK, US Canada, Australia members we still have and AMAZING collection of users that promote
on thousands of different locations so you can ensure and extreme variation of members or a specific group

typical website visits per day

This site is NOT about getting lots of views from an individual location as we target as many sources as possible

We're not really interested in the volume its more about the variety of people that actually see your promotions


Your promotions will be shown on 177 + Main JV Sites!

Traffic is also generated from NON JV Sites

We're currently tracking 582 ADDITIONAL Advertising Sources

Members working together to create advertising

Here's a quick look at the amount of members promoting YOUR sites on other Traffic Exchanges

Now over 1000 promoters EACH day

Members like the above are actively promoting YOUR websites to generate traffic thousands of times each day and we generate an
average of over 50000 page views daily to the promotions listed and this is a PERFECT method on how to drive traffic to YOU!


Brian has done an amazing job of bringing together a huge network of TE owners and subscribers alike. I have had loads of traffic and my sites have grown because of it. Even though I want subscribers to surf MY site (lol) I have no problem recommending this extra source of traffic. TE-JV.com is a no brainer in my downline builder. Evelyn Kramer WealthBilderHits.com, WealthBuilderViralTraffic.com


We have also included a free text ad advertising option and you can benefit from thousands of free text ads on and
as this is a performance based feature you can pretty much get unlimited free advertising.

100% free to join

All our paid accounts are VERY low cost and we then use the funds to buy additional traffic at the
BEST performing advertising sources from our OWN analytics (Traffic Exchange owners can get listed inside)

Of course there are lots of credit earning abilities for FREE members too

We also offer up to 50% Commissions to our members so you can also promote and build your downline at the same time

Rebrand to build multiple downlines

You can build loads of downlines at the same time from ONE single location and ALL the links on the site to other
Traffic Exchanges etc will use YOUR referral details so you can earn from other sites at the same time!

You can also rebrand your social profiles so you can get a boost to your networks there also, what is rebranding..?

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